In Harlingen, Thecla Bodewes Shipyards rents out various yard facilities including halls, offices and storage space. The halls can be rented for multiple purposes, but are particularly suitable for refit, (finishing) construction, maintenance or conversion of ships. The yard is located by open seawater with a ship lift making us easily accessible for all types of vessels.
Our halls are equipped with heavy-duty overhead cranes and indoor workshops, and there is also the possibility of renting offices in our main building, which is adjacent to the halls. The canteen is also located here. When renting out our halls, we offer various facilities that can support the work including a ship lift (120 X 20 metres), indoor and outdoor storage space, a warehouse, project management and/or support in the work to be carried out if required.

Yard facilities have already been rented from us by several companies. Yachts ranging in length from 59 to 87 metres have been refitted by Royal Huisman, Vitters Shipyards and Balk Shipyard, among others, and Plasticon built a polyester tank with a 13-metre diameter in our hall. Our halls are also extremely suitable for building sections or hulls. The possibilities are vast, we are happy to help you with your wishes.


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