TB Shipyards delivers spare parts to customers all over the world. Paramount is to take care of the customer. Together with the customer TB Shipyards looks for the opportunities that TB Shipyards can offer. With the knowledge of the components and the relationship with the supplier is TB Shipyards able to make a plan of approach for the purchase and the supply of spare parts. TB Shipyards takes care of the Level of importance (LOI) of spare parts, the reliability of the ship, delivery and the storage (location). TB Shipyards gives advice and maintains the contacts with suppliers.
TB Shipyards organizes the entire process: of compiling a database of all relevant data to process the orders, to organizing and controlling the shipment of spare parts. The total cost of the spare parts can be reduced by this integrated approach.

It is for TB Shipyards irrelevant where your ship is built, TB Shipyards delivers to all kind of customers all over the world.