TB Shiprepair Meppel is formerly known as Scheepswerf de Kaap. The knowledge of this shipyard founded in 1938 has been integrated in the Thecla Bodewes Shipyards

Specialized in the construction of lightweight dry cargo ships, tankers, passenger ships and low-airdraft coasters for both inland and coastal navigation with maximum dimensions of 135 by 13,5 meters.

Lengte helling: 135 meter
Max. breedte: 13,5 meter

We build:
  • Innovative ships
  • Safe ships
  • Environmentally friendly ships
  • Ships with unique value
  • Client oriented

TB Shiprepair Meppel
Kaapweg 4 (Oevers A)
7944 HV Meppel
T: +31 (0)522 270013