Thecla Bodewes Shipyards delivers Ro-Ro-Ship to French client


Delivery after only 15 months:
After the trial, Friday the 10th of March is the Roll on Roll off cargo vessel GOULPHAR at TB Shipyards Kampen delivered to the French Client Transport Maritime Côtier.

The Ro-Ro, built and launched at TB Shipyards Harlingen, was towed to TB Shipyards in Kampen for testing the side ramps and the final commissioning. From design to delivery took just 15 months.

The vessel is used for the supply and transport of trucks, heavy equipment and cars from the mainland of France Quiberon to the different islands South of Bretagne in the Atlantic Ocean as Belle-Ile-en-Mer, Groix, and lle-d'Yeu.

The French Company TMC (Transport Maritime Côtier) opens with this ship a new transportline to the French islands. Transport is already done by two existing lines from Vannes and Lorient done by the vessels Taillefer 3 and Guedel 3 of the TMC fleet. The new vessel is called after the lighthouse ‘Goulphar’ on the island of Belle-Ile-en-Mer.

Supply of Ro-Ro-Ship:
The vessel has a length of 36,80 meters, a width of 7,75 meters and a draft of 1,80 meters. On the port and starboard sides there are two ramps. These side ramps make it possible for trucks and cars to drive onto the vessel. The ramps can be opened and closed within one minute. In addition to the ramps there is a crane on board, the crane has a capacity of SWL 10 Ton with a range of 3,5 meters. The crane is used for loading pallets and containers on board. The vessel has a capacity of 172 Ton, i.e. to facilitate six trucks or 12 cars.

The ship is powered by two John Deere engines of 317 kW each. Two auxiliary generators of 89 kW provide the power on board. The ‘Goulphar’ can reach a speed of 10 knots. The ‘Goulphar’ has five crewmember facilities and can take 12 passengers on board.

Thecla Bodewes reliable name:
The collaboration between the French shipping company and the Dutch shipyard arose by the good reputation that the shipyards of Thecla Bodewes have in France, where innovation, reliability, workmanship and sharp delivery are important factors. During the past years TB Shipyards produced different types of ships for French clients, such as a passenger vessel, an offshore accommodation barge and ships for mineral oils.
Currently the shipyards Harlingen en Kampen are working on Dutch and Suriname fishing cutters, a ferry and a series of push boats for the Caspian Sea. In Hasselt and Meppel people are specialized in shiprepair and refits.