Shipping company Van Duijn builds in The Netherlands


Thecla Bodewes Shipyards Harlingen receives order for constructing newest cutter.

IJmuiden/Harlingen – Recently March 10th Maarten van Duijn and Thecla Bodewessigned the contract for the construction of a new Stern Trawler/Flyshooter.

The design for this Stern Trawler/Flyshooter is realized in cooperation with Vestværftet. The most important dimensions of the Stern Trawler/Flyshooter are the length of 34,50 meters and a width of 8,70 meters, whereby the vessels remains under 400 GT.

The Stern Trawler/Flyshooter will be built at Thecla Bodewes Shipyards in Harlingen. Van Duijn chose for the yard in Harlingen because of the reliability and reputation of the yard. It will be a special and innovative ship whereby the winches for the fishing are completely electric. The contract for the supply of these winches has Bodewes awarded to the Visserij Coöperatie Urk (VCU) in collaboration with Dromec Rhenen. It will be the first cutter with electrical fly-shoot winches.

Van Duijn is pleased that the ship will be built in The Netherlands. Van Duijn says: “Our country has the shipbuilding knowledge and we are sure the ship will be delivered on time. Besides that, I love the possibility to jump into the car and watch the shipbuilding process with my own eyes. We want something special, so a good cooperation is very important. You should be able to rely on each other. Or in other words: speak the same language!”

Bodewes is especially proud of the innovative nature of this contract and the breakthrough for the yard in the fishing world. This cutter is a step further in innovative development. Where even the most innovative cutters currently sail with hydraulic winches will tis cutter sail with electrically drive gear winches. On board is enough power and by switching to electric driving winches, you prevent an extensive hydraulic installation and the risk of oil leakage in the fish processing area. The Danish Vestværftet designed the hull so that the vessel can arrange high speeds with low fuel consumption.

Last month the yard in Harlingen already delivered two cutter hulls for Luyt in Den Oever. The cutters will sail for the Suriname’s company Marisa Fisheries.