Second Multipurpose Ice Classed Pusher Tug for the Caspian Sea will be launched at Thecla Bodewes Shipyards


Kampen – Friday 6 April the seagoing Pusher Tug ‘Conwenna’ will be launched in Kampen at Thecla Bodewes Shipyards.

The Ice Classed Pusher Tug ‘Conwenna’ is the second vessel which is built for the English client Silverburn. Just like last year, this ship will also be launched by means of a ‘Frisian slipway system’, after unloading the wedges; the vessel will slide transversely into the water. This is always a spectacular moment.

Last August, in a series of three the first Pusher Tug ‘Wenna’ has been delivered. This ship now sails on the Caspian Sea and is used for offshore support activities, seagoing tow and push transports. The 40 Ton Bollard Pull vessels have been classified by Bureau Veritas for Unrestricted Navigation and have the notation Ice Classed 1C and Anchor handling. The second Pusher Tug will also carry out activities in the area around the Caspian Sea.

Thecla Bodewes, CEO and owner of three shipyards in the Northern Netherlands, is very pleased with the assignment: “It is wonderful to build a series of three Pushers for our client Silverburn Shipping Group. Half of April, we will start building with the third Ice Pusher Tug, also at our yard in Kampen. Furthermore last year December we delivered a Seagoing Chemical Barge within three months for the same client. We are proud we have achieved this together with our suppliers in such a short time. Mutual trust and the ambition to be the best is an important driving force for this close relationship.”