First Pusher Tug for the Caspian Sea launched at Thecla Bodewes Shipyards


Kampen – Friday 23rd of June the Pusher Tug ‘Wenna’ will be launched in Kampen at Thecla Bodewes Shipyards. ‘Wenna’ is the first out of a series of three Pusher Tugs.

The keel laying was in November 2016 with the presence of the client Silverburn. The ships will be deployed in the Caspian Sea for offshore support activities and seagoing tow transports. The Pusher Tug is equipped with a set of towing pins, a fence pin and a 35 ton waterfall towing winch with 750 meter wirecapacity for towing and anchor handling.
The combination of pushing, towing, anchor handling and the ship crane makes the Pusher Tug versatile to use. The ship crane has a capacity of 3150 kg at of 16.5 meter. On the aft deck there is a load capacity of 9 x 10ft containers. The client, Silverburn Shipping Group, is the first company with a “moveable wheelhouse” that sails on the Caspian Sea.

Bodewes is very pleased with this assignment: “It is wonderful to build a series of three Pushers for Silverburn Shipping Group. The ships are classified by Bureau Veritas for Unrestricted Navigation and are equipped with the Ice Class 1C and Anchor handling. For us it is a new market for a reputable client, where we can reach a lot with each other. Trust and the ambition to be the best, is an important driving force for this close relationship.”
Thecla Bodewes Shipyards already has extensive experience in building pushers for the South American market and is specialized in ‘custom-build’ vessels, such as the WID vessel for Boskalis last year, the Ro-Ro vessel for Bretagne, and the ferry ‘Zilverstad’ for Schoonhoven which was launched last Friday in Kampen.
The ‘Wenna’ will be delivered in August to Silverburn, the construction of the second Pusher is already underway at TB Shipyards in Kampen.

For the shipyard in Kampen it will be the first launching at the transverse slipway, since the acquisition of the yard by Thecla Bodewes. At other launchings over the last years, TB Shipyards used the elevator slipway. The ‘Wenna’ will be launched by means of a ‘Frisian slipway system’.

This will be a spectacular event for the vessel and the shipyard.