Thecla Bodewes Shipyards showcases maritime excellence at Europort 2023


KAMPEN, The Netherlands – Thecla Bodewes Shipyards, a renowned name in the maritime industry, is thrilled to announce its participation in Europort 2023, one of Europe’s most prestigious maritime exhibitions. As an esteemed shipbuilder with a legacy of excellence and a combined experience of 300 years, Thecla Bodewes Shipyards is set to make a significant impact at this year’s event.

Europort 2023, the global maritime industry’s must-attend event, will take place from 7 to 10 November at Ahoy in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Thecla Bodewes Shipyards will be a prominent exhibitor, occupying a dedicated booth to showcase their latest vessel deliveries, new products, cutting edge innovations and smart solutions. Thecla Bodewes Shipyards welcomes you at Stand 1441 in Hall 1.

At Europort 2023, visitors can expect to experience firsthand the quality and innovation that have made Thecla Bodewes Shipyards a trusted name in shipbuilding. Visitors will have the opportunity to engage with the shipyard’s representatives, explore state-of-the-art vessels and gain valuable insights into the yard’s newbuilding program.

Key highlights at Thecla Bodewes Shipyards’ booth include:
1. Cutting-Edge Vessels: Discover the latest vessels that incorporate innovative technologies and sustainable design, catering to the evolving needs of the maritime industry.
2. Environmental Initiatives: An insight into the company's commitment to eco-friendly shipbuilding solutions, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable maritime future.
3. Expert Consultations: The chance to engage with Thecla Bodewes Shipyards' experienced team to discuss new building possibilities and project partnerships.
4. Customization Capabilities: Learn about the expertise in tailor-made ship design and construction, ensuring vessels perfectly aligned with our clients’ requirements.

”We are excited to participate in Europort 2023, where we will unveil our latest advancements in shipbuilding and highlight our dedication to sustainability.” – Thecla Bodewes, CEO Thecla Bodewes Shipyards. “Our presence at this esteemed event reflects our dedication to providing top-tier shipbuilding solutions and our ongoing efforts to shape the future of maritime transportation.”

LABRAX-series dry cargo vessels
Thecla Bodewes Shipyards is currently building a series of diesel-electric propelled multipurpose dry cargo vessels for Dutch shipping company Vertom Group: the LABRAX-series. The diesel-electric propulsion system on board of the LABRAX 7,280dwt vessel, in combination with the advanced power-management system, minimizes energy losses, reduces overall fuel consumption and reduces CO2 emissions. This desired result has already been proven in the performance of the first three newbuild vessels, MV Vertom Patty, MV Vertom Cyta and MV Vertom Tomma. In addition, the installed propulsion power on board of the LABRAX vessels is considerably lower compared to ships of equal cargo capacity and with conventional propulsion. With a length of 118.60m, a width of 14.30m and a full-box cargo hold of 329,700 cuft, the LABRAX series offers competitive transport solutions.

WIM WOLFF research vessel
In September 2023 Thecla Bodewes Shipyard launched RV Wim Wolff, the research vessel for the Royal Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ). The RV Wim Wolff is equipped to facilitate high-quality marine research in Dutch waters, particularly the Wadden Sea and the Zeeland Delta. With this vessel, NIOZ is assured of a versatile, modern and sustainable research vessel for the coming decades. By using a diesel-electric system combined with a battery pack, RV Wim Wolff has minimal energy consumption and emissions at all times. The ship is also easy to adapt to new technologies and energy sources without major rebuilding, preparing RV Wim Wolff for a zero-emission future. Much attention has been paid to eliminating ship noise in the water for minimal disruption of the marine environment. This also contributes to the quality of surveys that can be conducted on board the RV Wim Wolff.

SALMO-series dry cargo vessels
In line with the yard’s strategic growth ambitions Thecla Bodewes Shipyards started the construction of the SALMO series dry cargo vessel. Scheduled for delivery in the fall of 2024, the 5,100dwt diesel-electric propelled multi-purpose vessel will be equipped with three generator sets and two electric propulsion motors. The SALMO series ranging from 5,100dwt to 6,500dwt offers unique advantages due to its highly efficient hull shape combined with the reliable diesel-electric propulsion system. The hull shape of the SALMO vessels has been specially developed for this type of propulsion and incorporates all the knowledge and experience gained from previously built vessels and the larger LABRAX series (7,280 dwt). Furthermore, the vessel meets all the requirements of a dry cargo vessel with a highly efficient cargo hold, low fuel consumption and low emissions.

Europort 2023
Thecla Bodewes Shipyards invites all customers, industry professionals, partners and stakeholders to visit their booth (1411, Hall 1) at Europort 2023 to explore newbuilding possibilities and to have meaningful discussions about the maritime industry’s future.